Jury Men

Tampa in a Snow Globe
"If I could capture time in a bottle..."

The Jurymen are about to enjoy dinner in the Swampcave when on the TV there is a report of Tampa being trapped under a dome.

The heroes head to the scene to investigate.

(Jarrett) The Un-killable Man and (Dan) Rising Sun find several kids tormenting a cat inside the dome. They were throwing rocks at it which appear to be moving closer to the cat. They are joined by (JD) Chroma who tries to usher them away from the dome, but only succeeds in removing the children. The Un-killable Man then fires a Mac10 at the dome and the shots go wild (but all hit the dome). And the cops are called in, enter Sgt. Kowalski.


(Chris) Geologic Time and (Luc) Wormhole find a man trying to rescue his child on the other side of the dome. They try to help, but before they can do much, Geological Time injures himself and turns into a Stone Monster and begins a short lived rampage (destroying the house of the family they were trying to help).

The rest come to see what is going on (no one tries to put out the fire, but Chroma does ensure the fire department is called). They stop Geological Time by making him fall through a portal and crashing him into the ground. They then save the boy by portal-ling him out.

They begin to investigate the dome in earnest and are joined by (Logan) Justice and a new hero Blurr (but they recognize him as a patient from Shady Oaks). Blurr has the remarkable ability to pass through the dome unaffected and get people out easily.

At this time Police Chief Rotherow joins them and lets the heroes take point. Blurr is tasked with saving people. And after a failed attempt to mimic Blurr’s effort Chroma finds himself in the dome (but unable to pass through even with his increased speed).

The rest of the group decide to enter and Justice stays outside.

Inside they head to the center of town and find a mob trying to storm city hall. A group of people in suits are trying to talk down the mob. Blurr finds them and tells them Menagerie is a few blocks away. The group goes to confront him and find a sleepy Eric among several dead animals. When they probe his mind, they learn that he wants to kill Blurr.

They return to the protest and find that Hearts and Minds is trying to talk them down and using his ability to sway emotions, but he is also accompanied by Ice Queen. She is bitter and terse and doesn’t say anything to the group except “no” once. The Jurymen teleports the protesters outside the dome. Blurr shows up and indicates that he can’t allow that. He then fights the heroes.

His attack is very powerful (a 12d6 drain vs. Speed and Endurance) and he is very fast. But at his core he is still an old man trying to fight several other super powered individuals and he is taken down in moments.

The Jurymen realize that they don’t know what to do with this man, and turn him over to Hearts and Minds for imprisonment.

Someone needs our help...
for refresh

An indeterminate amount of time after returning from Japan, Jasper approaches the group looking for help. He had been meeting with his daughter, Tonya, to attempt (yet again) to get her to allow him to control his own social security payments, when she mentioned a friend whose sister had recently gone missing. Jasper volunteered the group to help, implying to Tonya that he had some buddies that used to be on the force. Tonya agreed to re-route his social security funds if they were able to help with the investigation, assuming nothing would actually come of it, and set up a meeting with her friend so they could get the details.

Jasper, Marley, Ron, and Justin (”Judgment”) go to meet with Angela Guzman, Tonya’s friend. Angela explains that her sister Maria (17) has been missing for about a week now. The police have been working the case, but have not provided much information about the investigation to Angela or their family. She tells them that likely the last person to have seen her would be her “boyfriend” Tony Maya. Angela dislikes Tony and informs the group that she suspects he’s a drug dealer, and that he somehow got her mixed up in something. Angela had tried to confront Tony, but he basically dodged her questions and ran away. She tells them the name of the apartment complex he lives in and that he works as an oil change guy (though she suspects most of his income is from selling drugs).

Marley uses a payphone to call up one of his contacts that may know a thing or two about drug dealers, Steve Swanson. He asks if Steve knows where Tony works and Steve tells him, “if he’s still alive” he works at the STP station in North Tampa. Judgment skillfully uses the Yellow pages and finds the address of the STP station and wormhole jumps them there.

Marley enters the service entrance to the gas station and finds a man working inside. He approaches the man and asks if Tony is there. The man is clearly put off by this, and after Marley pushes a bit more and perhaps implies, inadvertently or not, that he may be looking to do some “business” with Tony, the man gets upset and informs Marley that when he finds Tony, he should let him know he is fired (apparently this is Tony’s boss, and it seems he has warned Tony not to have his “customers” come around the shop). Marley does get the boss to tell them where Tony lives, though he did have to buy a candy bar first.

The group finds Tony’s apartment complex with little issue. In this apartment building, all the units have direct outside access; there are 4 floors with about 20 units per floor. Realizing they do not yet know which apartment he lives in, they need a plan. They see a man on the 3rd floor, standing outside his front door smoking. Marley approaches the man and asks if he knows where Tony lives. The man brushes Marley off, but begins screaming and babbling in Spanish when Marley uses his powers to life him up and dangle him over the edge of the balcony. Flying up above the scene, Judgment sees the man thrown off the balcony and swoops down ready for a fight. When he finds Marley is just pressing the presumably innocent man for information, Judgment pull him back onto the balcony and the man instantly latches on to him in a hug of gratitude. After conveying that Tony is a drug dealer, the man is able to point them to apartments 318/319, since that’s where random people are always coming and going from.

Apartment 319 is dark, and after being teleported in by Jasper, Judgment finds it is fairly normal but no one is at home. Ron knocks on the door to 318 and a guy matching Tony’s description answers the door, safety chain in place. They see that it is clear Tony had been worked over pretty hard within the last week (black eye, cuts, bruises, etc.). After a bit of conversation, Ron convinces Tony to let them in to talk. Ron and Marley walk in and as Tony turns to close the door, Judgment steps in as well. Seeing Judgment freezes Tony in fear and as Ron asks Tony to come have a seat at the kitchen table, Judgment whispers “They can’t see me…”. Tony sits at the table and Ron begins to question him, all the while Judgment whispers thoughts of guilt and remorse. Tony has a complete breakdown and confesses. He explains that he started selling this new drug called Love Dust for a guy named K-dogg. However, he sampled too much of the product instead of selling it and was deep in debt. When Tony met with K-dogg last week, he was beat really bad and they were about to kill him, when in a last ditch effort Tony offered up Maria. Tony had heard that “the boss” (of the love dust production) was looking for girls, presumably to work in his lab. K-dogg questioned Tony about her, age, looks, etc., and then gave him place and time to be and they’d pick her up. Tony tells Ron that K-dogg (Kevin) usually works from a corner near the Cuban restaurant Puerto Sagua. Judgment bands a cross into Tony’s hand using a steak knife he heated over the stove burner and Ron drops $50 on the table and suggests Tony get out of town. A portal opens in the apartment wall and the three pass through out of the room, leaving behind Tony, emotionally broken…and two flash-bangs.

The group returns to the lair to plan their next move. As they discuss, Jasper notices some chatter on the Police band radio that’s always on; “1080 at the Barrington Hotel”. He quickly moves over to his bunk area and scans over the large corkboard with newspaper articles and notes pinned all over it that he has been working on. After a moment, he says “I have to go check on something” and teleports away. The remaining three decide to take the truck and confront k-dogg.

It’s almost midnight when they get close to the restaurant. Judgment jumps out of the back of the truck and begins to survey the area. Ron see’s K-dogg leaning up against a fence under a street light. He pulls the truck in and Marley gets out and heads over. He attempts to buy some Love Dust. After a bit of questioning, K-dogg says ok and dips into the gate on the fence (which was not the way Tony said deals go down). Ron notices a car start coming down the street at a decent rate of speed. He pulls the truck out and side swipes the back of the car sending it into the adjacent abandoned brick office building. The drive gets out and runs, but the passenger gets out and raises an Mac-10. Ron jumps out of the truck and punches the ground, sending out a shockwave that snakes it’s way to the guy and throws him back into the wall. He hits his head and is knocked out. Ron tosses him in the back seat of the truck, searches the car and takes a few bricks of love dust, some cash, and the guns.
Meanwhile, Marley pursues K-dogg through the alley’s and behind the buildings. Judgment lands, blocking k-doggs path. K-dogg is about to pull a pistol from his waistband, but Marley increases its weight. K-dogg stumbles back before the pistol rips through his pants and falls to the ground. He attempts to run past Marley, but is quickly close lined. He’s very belligerent. Judgment tries to convince him to talk by shooting him in the hand, healing it, and threatening to do it repeatedly, but K-dogg doesn’t give up much info. They will obviously need more time to interrogate him. The toss him in the back of the truck and return to the lair to get some answers.

Police on the Scene.
Home Coming!

Geologic Time purchased 40 acres of land sight unseen for the group as a base of operations. The land had an old post barn large enough to hold 64 cars, but that was derelict and filled with random junk. They also find Justin Law hiding out in the building waiting for them. After several weeks of work they manage to get the place into a semblance of a base of operations with:

A Communications Center including television, radio, telephone, and a police scanner. Usually managed by The Un-killable Man.

A Rest and Recreation Area set up by Wormhole. Comprised of several cots, a couple old couches, and a ping pong table.

A Machine Shop set up by Geologic Time and Heavy Force to build various things needed to keep the place running as well as housing a massive diesel generator. This also is where Geologic Time stores a handful of small arms weapons he had purchased.

A Receiving Antenna set up by Rising Sun a ways away from the building to support the Communications Center.

A PO Box to fund their projects the group began to pool their funds. Geologic Time dug up gold he had hid earlier in his life. The Unkillable Man and Rising Sun both persuaded their families to “un-enroll” them from Shady Oaks and to send them their Social Security checks directly. Geologic Time found it difficult to prove that he was who he says he is, since he looks 25 years younger than his actual age. And as potentially worse situation was that Wormhole’s family denied to “un-enroll” him and actively want him to return to the care facility.

It was in a routine stop to the PO Box that the story shifted into gear. Wormhole and Rising Sun were going to the post office to check on their PO Box when they noticed a police car and a van from Shady Oaks in the parking lot. They watched the vehicles for and hour they were approached by Hearts and Minds he informs them that they should return to Shady Oaks because people with “these abilities” can’t just be running around. The pair decline his offer, so Hearts and Minds summons the police.

The orderlies and police come over and while the police seem content to stand by the orderlies attempt to the pair to the van. Wormhole does not resist, but Rising Sun punches the orderly as hard as he can and breaks the man’s nose. The police then arrest Rising Sun for assault.

Geologic Time, Heavy Force, and The Indestructible Man become aware of the arrest via the police scanners. They get into Geologic Time’s truck and head to the near by town where the police where taking Rising Sun.

Note If you want me to refer to your character by their first name or a different name, please update your character profile. That is my source material here.

The police take Rising Sun to the police station and the Shady Oaks van follows. Once at the station Rising Sun is put in an interrogation room and told to wait. The Sheriff begins taking statements. During this process The Indestructible Man arrives and claims to be Rising Sun’s attorney. After some discussion The Indestructible Man is allowed into the interrogation room with Rising Sun. The Indestructible Man uses his ability to speak into other’s minds and lets Geologic Time know what is going on.

Outside Geologic Time and Heavy Force are waiting in the truck, and it is decided the Heavy Force should check the Shady Oaks van for Wormhole. As he is doing this he overhears an orderly talking to Doctor Jager. Jager says the orderly should take Wormhole back to Shady Oaks. When the orderly comes around the van Heavy Force decides to punch him and breaks that orderly’s nose. But he fails to hear Menagerie, dressed as a normal orderly, sneak up behind him and grab him. Heavy Force begins to float into the air. Menagerie lets go and when Heavy Force reaslizes he is making a scene he stops using his power and crashes into the top of the van and sprains his wrist.

A police officer comes out and brings Heavy Force inside, as well as the orderly. Shortly after Jager sends Menagerie away in the van (that presumably houses Wormhole). Geologic Time decides the Wormhole can fend for himself and lays low outside the police station. Inside Heavy Force see his girlfriend Anna (aka Ice Queen) and she says that if he helps them out they could both make a lot of money. He agrees to help her.

The Sheriff comes into the interrogation room with Ice Queen, Dr. Jagger, Hearts and Minds, and Heavy Force and states that the story seems to check out and that the orderly had no cause to be putting hands on Rising Sun. But Hearts and Minds touches the Sheriff and he quickly changes his mind and leaves the room so that the Shady Oaks group can take the old man home. Once the Sheriff is gone Rising Sun charges his arm with plasma. The Indestrucable Man runs over the Ice Queen’s foot with his Rascal Scooter and she destroys it by freezing and shattering it. Heavy Force lashes (because I don’t know what to call uses of his powers yet) the Indestructible Man onto a wall causing the old man to “fall” sideways into Dr. Jagger and jostle Hearts and Minds. Rising Sun unleashes his solar blast into the chest of the Ice Queen and in slow motion ice starts forming to protect her but doesn’t create enough of a barrier and she is blasted through the large mirror of the interview room.

Hearts and Minds surrenders and the players tell him to get them out of the police station. As they leave he calms all the cops they meet, to the point where the police seem to be sedated, and escorts them out. Rising Sun quips that it might be a bad idea to trust the people who made a mess to clean it up, and that if Hearts and Minds does want their help he should ask them in a respectful way. Rising Sun points out that a good way to start building trust would be to clean up this mess.

As they drive away Hearts and Minds asks Rising Sun if it even bothers him that he just murdered that young woman. And Rising Sun begins to feel the pangs of guilt.

Dance with the Menagerie.

The heroes awaken in the swamp and meet Justin Law. He provides them with some clothing, a warm fire, and the information that he is from the future and that they are the first superheroes to emerge.
He asks them to prevent Eric (Aka Menagerie), an orderly from Shady Oaks, from going on a spree of bank robberies. The party (aka AA_The Un-killable Man, AA_Geologic Time, AA_Wormhole, and AA_Rising Sun) decides to intercede and wait for Menagerie at the first bank he is planning to rob. They confront him and in confusion Eric leaves the bank. He drives away and the PCs follow him via portals where he breaks into a check cashing facility. Marley AA_Heavy Force saw this and snuck into the check cashing facility by throwing a cow through the window and tried to steal some of the money.
AA_Geologic Time shouted “What the hell is going on here?” Menagerie panics and throws a half a dozen chickens at the characters. When that fails he throws a crocodile and a poisonous snake at the characters, both are decapitated by AA_Rising Sun.
Menagerie turns into a beast man and runs through a back fire door setting off alarms. AA_Geologic Time, AA_Rising Sun, and AA_Heavy Force chase him on foot. AA_The Un-killable Man tells AA_Wormhole to open a portal for him and his Rascal scooter, Wormhole/Jasper seems unsure but Guy insists. The portal opens and Guy finds himself falling.
Menagerie is faster than the men chasing him and he changes shape again (into a lizard) and begins to climb a wall when the Rascal scooter falls on him and incapacitates him. The group drags his body into the check cashing store and then watches the cops arrest him. They return to their hotel room to regroup.

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