(Logan) Justice

Justin Law


He stands at 5’ 11", no giant or powerhouse, but with the build of an athlete. His body is covered from shoulders to toes in tactical assault gear. A pair of large pistols strapped to each leg and grenades tucked into various pockets. All of it speaks of order and precision. A man who has spent a lift time finding the best ways to store murder on his body. And that is where the “man” ends.

He speaks without a mouth. Sees without eyes. Hears without ears. His face is a blank white canvass tainted only by a black off center crucifix. The midpoint of that collection of perpendicular lines is centered over where his left eye would be. And a pair of large white wings sprout from his back.

Maybe the image of the arch-angle needed to be updated. Maybe god wants to get gritty in the 90’s.


(Logan) Justice

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