Jury Men

Tampa in a Snow Globe

"If I could capture time in a bottle..."

The Jurymen are about to enjoy dinner in the Swampcave when on the TV there is a report of Tampa being trapped under a dome.

The heroes head to the scene to investigate.

(Jarrett) The Un-killable Man and (Dan) Rising Sun find several kids tormenting a cat inside the dome. They were throwing rocks at it which appear to be moving closer to the cat. They are joined by (JD) Chroma who tries to usher them away from the dome, but only succeeds in removing the children. The Un-killable Man then fires a Mac10 at the dome and the shots go wild (but all hit the dome). And the cops are called in, enter Sgt. Kowalski.


(Chris) Geologic Time and (Luc) Wormhole find a man trying to rescue his child on the other side of the dome. They try to help, but before they can do much, Geological Time injures himself and turns into a Stone Monster and begins a short lived rampage (destroying the house of the family they were trying to help).

The rest come to see what is going on (no one tries to put out the fire, but Chroma does ensure the fire department is called). They stop Geological Time by making him fall through a portal and crashing him into the ground. They then save the boy by portal-ling him out.

They begin to investigate the dome in earnest and are joined by (Logan) Justice and a new hero Blurr (but they recognize him as a patient from Shady Oaks). Blurr has the remarkable ability to pass through the dome unaffected and get people out easily.

At this time Police Chief Rotherow joins them and lets the heroes take point. Blurr is tasked with saving people. And after a failed attempt to mimic Blurr’s effort Chroma finds himself in the dome (but unable to pass through even with his increased speed).

The rest of the group decide to enter and Justice stays outside.

Inside they head to the center of town and find a mob trying to storm city hall. A group of people in suits are trying to talk down the mob. Blurr finds them and tells them Menagerie is a few blocks away. The group goes to confront him and find a sleepy Eric among several dead animals. When they probe his mind, they learn that he wants to kill Blurr.

They return to the protest and find that Hearts and Minds is trying to talk them down and using his ability to sway emotions, but he is also accompanied by Ice Queen. She is bitter and terse and doesn’t say anything to the group except “no” once. The Jurymen teleports the protesters outside the dome. Blurr shows up and indicates that he can’t allow that. He then fights the heroes.

His attack is very powerful (a 12d6 drain vs. Speed and Endurance) and he is very fast. But at his core he is still an old man trying to fight several other super powered individuals and he is taken down in moments.

The Jurymen realize that they don’t know what to do with this man, and turn him over to Hearts and Minds for imprisonment.



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