Jury Men

Police on the Scene.

Home Coming!

Geologic Time purchased 40 acres of land sight unseen for the group as a base of operations. The land had an old post barn large enough to hold 64 cars, but that was derelict and filled with random junk. They also find Justin Law hiding out in the building waiting for them. After several weeks of work they manage to get the place into a semblance of a base of operations with:

A Communications Center including television, radio, telephone, and a police scanner. Usually managed by The Un-killable Man.

A Rest and Recreation Area set up by Wormhole. Comprised of several cots, a couple old couches, and a ping pong table.

A Machine Shop set up by Geologic Time and Heavy Force to build various things needed to keep the place running as well as housing a massive diesel generator. This also is where Geologic Time stores a handful of small arms weapons he had purchased.

A Receiving Antenna set up by Rising Sun a ways away from the building to support the Communications Center.

A PO Box to fund their projects the group began to pool their funds. Geologic Time dug up gold he had hid earlier in his life. The Unkillable Man and Rising Sun both persuaded their families to “un-enroll” them from Shady Oaks and to send them their Social Security checks directly. Geologic Time found it difficult to prove that he was who he says he is, since he looks 25 years younger than his actual age. And as potentially worse situation was that Wormhole’s family denied to “un-enroll” him and actively want him to return to the care facility.

It was in a routine stop to the PO Box that the story shifted into gear. Wormhole and Rising Sun were going to the post office to check on their PO Box when they noticed a police car and a van from Shady Oaks in the parking lot. They watched the vehicles for and hour they were approached by Hearts and Minds he informs them that they should return to Shady Oaks because people with “these abilities” can’t just be running around. The pair decline his offer, so Hearts and Minds summons the police.

The orderlies and police come over and while the police seem content to stand by the orderlies attempt to the pair to the van. Wormhole does not resist, but Rising Sun punches the orderly as hard as he can and breaks the man’s nose. The police then arrest Rising Sun for assault.

Geologic Time, Heavy Force, and The Indestructible Man become aware of the arrest via the police scanners. They get into Geologic Time’s truck and head to the near by town where the police where taking Rising Sun.

Note If you want me to refer to your character by their first name or a different name, please update your character profile. That is my source material here.

The police take Rising Sun to the police station and the Shady Oaks van follows. Once at the station Rising Sun is put in an interrogation room and told to wait. The Sheriff begins taking statements. During this process The Indestructible Man arrives and claims to be Rising Sun’s attorney. After some discussion The Indestructible Man is allowed into the interrogation room with Rising Sun. The Indestructible Man uses his ability to speak into other’s minds and lets Geologic Time know what is going on.

Outside Geologic Time and Heavy Force are waiting in the truck, and it is decided the Heavy Force should check the Shady Oaks van for Wormhole. As he is doing this he overhears an orderly talking to Doctor Jager. Jager says the orderly should take Wormhole back to Shady Oaks. When the orderly comes around the van Heavy Force decides to punch him and breaks that orderly’s nose. But he fails to hear Menagerie, dressed as a normal orderly, sneak up behind him and grab him. Heavy Force begins to float into the air. Menagerie lets go and when Heavy Force reaslizes he is making a scene he stops using his power and crashes into the top of the van and sprains his wrist.

A police officer comes out and brings Heavy Force inside, as well as the orderly. Shortly after Jager sends Menagerie away in the van (that presumably houses Wormhole). Geologic Time decides the Wormhole can fend for himself and lays low outside the police station. Inside Heavy Force see his girlfriend Anna (aka Ice Queen) and she says that if he helps them out they could both make a lot of money. He agrees to help her.

The Sheriff comes into the interrogation room with Ice Queen, Dr. Jagger, Hearts and Minds, and Heavy Force and states that the story seems to check out and that the orderly had no cause to be putting hands on Rising Sun. But Hearts and Minds touches the Sheriff and he quickly changes his mind and leaves the room so that the Shady Oaks group can take the old man home. Once the Sheriff is gone Rising Sun charges his arm with plasma. The Indestrucable Man runs over the Ice Queen’s foot with his Rascal Scooter and she destroys it by freezing and shattering it. Heavy Force lashes (because I don’t know what to call uses of his powers yet) the Indestructible Man onto a wall causing the old man to “fall” sideways into Dr. Jagger and jostle Hearts and Minds. Rising Sun unleashes his solar blast into the chest of the Ice Queen and in slow motion ice starts forming to protect her but doesn’t create enough of a barrier and she is blasted through the large mirror of the interview room.

Hearts and Minds surrenders and the players tell him to get them out of the police station. As they leave he calms all the cops they meet, to the point where the police seem to be sedated, and escorts them out. Rising Sun quips that it might be a bad idea to trust the people who made a mess to clean it up, and that if Hearts and Minds does want their help he should ask them in a respectful way. Rising Sun points out that a good way to start building trust would be to clean up this mess.

As they drive away Hearts and Minds asks Rising Sun if it even bothers him that he just murdered that young woman. And Rising Sun begins to feel the pangs of guilt.



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