Jury Men

Dance with the Menagerie.


The heroes awaken in the swamp and meet Justin Law. He provides them with some clothing, a warm fire, and the information that he is from the future and that they are the first superheroes to emerge.
He asks them to prevent Eric (Aka Menagerie), an orderly from Shady Oaks, from going on a spree of bank robberies. The party (aka AA_The Un-killable Man, AA_Geologic Time, AA_Wormhole, and AA_Rising Sun) decides to intercede and wait for Menagerie at the first bank he is planning to rob. They confront him and in confusion Eric leaves the bank. He drives away and the PCs follow him via portals where he breaks into a check cashing facility. Marley AA_Heavy Force saw this and snuck into the check cashing facility by throwing a cow through the window and tried to steal some of the money.
AA_Geologic Time shouted “What the hell is going on here?” Menagerie panics and throws a half a dozen chickens at the characters. When that fails he throws a crocodile and a poisonous snake at the characters, both are decapitated by AA_Rising Sun.
Menagerie turns into a beast man and runs through a back fire door setting off alarms. AA_Geologic Time, AA_Rising Sun, and AA_Heavy Force chase him on foot. AA_The Un-killable Man tells AA_Wormhole to open a portal for him and his Rascal scooter, Wormhole/Jasper seems unsure but Guy insists. The portal opens and Guy finds himself falling.
Menagerie is faster than the men chasing him and he changes shape again (into a lizard) and begins to climb a wall when the Rascal scooter falls on him and incapacitates him. The group drags his body into the check cashing store and then watches the cops arrest him. They return to their hotel room to regroup.



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